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Steve Culver Death, Massachusetts State Trooper died from a medical event

Steven Culver, a Massachusetts State Trooper passed away unexpectedly from a medical event while on duty. He was a kind individual who offered his assistance to the local law enforcement officials on the Cape at all times.

Trooper Steven Culver was transported from Boston to Chapman Funeral & Cremations in Harwich by a procession of police vehicles. The procession traveled from Route 3 to Route 6 and was located in Harwich.

In addition to being always willing to provide a helping hand to his fellow law enforcement personnel on the Cape, Trooper Culver exemplified the real spirit of camaraderie and dedication to public service. His commitment to serving his community was remarkable.

In the midst of the community’s grief over the passing of Trooper Steven Culver, they are also taking time to contemplate the significant influence he had throughout his time spent serving.

His legacy of sacrifice, dedication, and compassion will live on, and it will serve as a source of motivation for all those who follow in his footsteps. Despite the fact that he is no longer physically present with us, his memory will live on in perpetuity in the hearts and thoughts of those individuals who had the honor of being acquainted with him.

The state police will be coming down Route 6 for a transfer from BI Boston to a funeral home in Harwich and taking Steven Culver to a funeral home while traveling on Route 6 residents ae urged to move over and pay your respects. There will be town officers as well at some exits

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