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Godley, TX, Shooting; Police investigates incident in Allen Avenue

A shooting occurred in Godley, Johnson County. Allen Avenue in Godley is the location of a shooting that is being investigated by many law enforcement personnel. Expect a significant amount of police activity in this area.

On other news, there is a possibility that a 19-year-old male from Johnson County may soon be charged with murder after allegedly shooting another young man at a party that took place after prom. According to the authorities, Spencer Gilbert shot Ja’Den Moblin, who was 20 years old, during the weekend at a house party that was held close to Godley. After there is said to have been a confrontation between the two, Moblin was allegedly shot in the head.

It was just long enough for Moblin to be able to donate one organ, according to his mother, who told FOX 4 that he was brought to the hospital and placed on life support. The phone call that Genell Provins received in the middle of the night informing her that her son had been shot is one that she will never forget. After going to a funeral home on Tuesday, she experienced a momentary sense of calm and contentment.

Provins stated that her son had attended the after-prom party with his girlfriend, who is a senior at Cleburne High School. Provins went to the party with her son. During the momentous evening, the two were filled with excitement. She did not see her son again until early Sunday morning, when he was admitted to a hospital in Fort Worth with a gunshot embedded in his brain. The doctors informed her that he would not make it.

Gilbert is accused of kidnapping a witness who was 17 years old and holding him at gunpoint immediately after the shooting. The authorities claim that Gilbert then forced the teenager to drive hundreds of miles from North Texas to Houston. During the latter hours of Sunday, the Houston Police Department reported that Gilbert had led them on a high-speed chase that came to a stop when he smashed into an oil change company located close to the Houston Galleria.

According to the authorities, the hostage aged 17 did not sustain any significant injuries. Gilbert is going to stay in Houston until his subsequent court appearance, which is scheduled for later this week.

Gilbert will complete his hearings in Houston on charges that include fleeing arrest, aggravated kidnapping, and unauthorized carrying of a firearm with a felony conviction, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. These three counts are among those that Gilbert is facing in Houston.

The city of Godley is located in the northwestern part of Johnson County, Texas, in the United States, inside the metropolitan area of Dallas–Fort Worth. Located to the north of Cleburne, it is situated on Texas State Highway 171, Farm Roads 2331 and 917, and the rails of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway. From 879 in the year 2000, the population increased to 1,009 in the year 2010.

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