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William Lightfoot Baltimore, MD Death, Pine Grove Middle School teacher has died

William Lightfoot, a teacher at Pine Grove Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland, has gone away. He was a respected educator. It was at Sykesville, Maryland, when he served as a member of the Maryland Army National Guard.

Lightfoot was a teacher who was enthusiastic about his profession. He was able to cater to the requirements of his pupils and establish a connection with them.

Representatives from the Pine Grove Middle School were honored with three (3) ESGR Patriot Awards in April 2023. These awards were delivered on behalf of Specialist William Lightfoot from the school.

In recognition of their unwavering support for his teaching and military professions, these members of the school community were put forward for nomination. Not only have they offered him support, but they have also supplied him with advise and direction as he navigates this difficult project.

This award is an official token of his thanks for the fact that they have been there for him through the challenges that he has faced in his personal life as well as in his professional life.

All three of the awardees who were present today expressed their profound appreciation for this award and expressed their sense of honor at being presented with their Patriot Awards.

During the presentation, the following topics were discussed: the ESGR, the USERRA Law, and the Awards Program. Additionally, handouts were distributed to the members of the school as well as to the unit led by Specialist Lightfoot.

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