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Seattle Shooting today; Child killed in Magnolia on Wednesday

Homicide detectives from the Seattle Police Department are investigating a child’s death in Magnolia on Wednesday evening. Police were dispatched to the 3000 block of 21st Avenue West at approximately 6:30 p.m.

after receiving reports of a shooting that had taken place there. When the officers arrived, they found an adult woman who was reporting that her child had been shot.

As soon as they arrived, the Seattle Fire Department determined that the infant had passed away at the scene. Prior to the arrival of the Homicide Unit and the Crime Scene Investigation Unit, the area was temporarily secured by the officers.

Both of the individuals who were held by the police are currently being questioned by the detectives. The investigation is looking into the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Here you will find any new information on this study.

Magnolia is a residential area that is located on a peninsula that protrudes into Puget Sound by a significant amount. The expansive Discovery Park is home to the West Point Lighthouse and the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, both of which are destinations for families who want to explore the park’s beaches and paths into the forest.

There are expansive water vistas from the smaller Magnolia Park. The Village has a collection of luxury stores and cafes, and it is also the location of a summer farmers’ market. Locals congregate there all year long.

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