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Death; Rian Van Gorp Bondurant, IA, died on May 8 – GoFundMe

Rian Van Gorp of Bondurant, Iowa, passed away on Wednesday, May 8, leaving her family and loved ones. She illuminated an occasionally somber world by emanating compassion and tenderness in all that she did.

Crystal Schilling, an friend of the Van Gorp family, is coordinating a GoFundMe fundraiser in support of Rian. Crystal expounded upon Rian’s role as a beacon of guidance in the face of the adversities that arise in life.

As an expression of the profound influence Rian had on her community, this fundraising effort aims to transform the tremendous love and support that has been expressed into a physical memorial that will perpetually honor her memory.

Funds collected through the fundraiser will be allocated to the construction of Rian’s memorial, guaranteeing the perpetuation of her enduring impact on others and ensuring that her legacy carries on.

Alongside the fundraising effort, a Mealtrain initiative has been launched to offer tangible assistance to the Van Gorp family as they navigate this challenging period.

This initiative endeavors to alleviate some of the burdens they may encounter, as they acclimate to life without their cherished daughter and navigate the grieving process

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