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June 13, 2024

Death; Thom Gates New York, has died, loved ones mourns

New York resident Thom Gates has passed away, leaving family and loved ones. His loved ones have been left with a hole in their hearts as a result of the news of his departure. Charity Angél Dawson of New York, New York, confirmed the news of his passing in attribute she shared on social media.

Sending love to all who were touched by the life and heart of our dear Thom Gates. Friend. Thank you for the love and care you always showed me. I’m so glad to have known you. You are greatly loved and will be deeply missed.

In addition to his many other abilities, he had the ability to bring people together, foster a sense of unity within the community, and bridge the gap between those who were not acquainted with each other.

Not only did his impact extend beyond the borders of his neighborhood, but it was felt by a significant number of people all around the city center. The extent of his influence was extensive.

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