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Landen Brocato Suicide; Fargo, ND, Videographer has allegedly died

Landen Brocato of Fargo, North Dakota, shared a video on X (formerly Twitter), where he urged his loved ones to always check up on their friends, this video has stir up reactions has people believed he might be contemplating suicide. According to Landen, “I was broken guy… this is like the last thing he has been battling, for over a year.. his up here and he will finish his taco then his out.. check up on your friends, its too late for me but love you all…

Landen Brocato has been involved in the field of sports videography since he was a student in high school. It was at this time that he began to shoot and edit sporting events. Following his graduation from high school, he committed himself to the field of sports videography by becoming a member of the Multimedia team of North Dakota State University Athletics.

Because of this, he has had several opportunity to enhance his talents and acquire significant knowledge via his work in the sector. My development as a filmmaker and editor has been greatly aided by the process of producing films that convey a story for the students and fans of North Dakota State University. Landen was presented with a multitude of opportunities to exhibit and enhance his talents, whether it was in the form of a promotional piece for the Men’s Basketball team or a weekend review of the Big 12 tournament.

He was able to strengthen his talents in a wide variety of areas thanks to the numerous people he met. During the summer prior to his junior year of college, he made the decision to diversify his career beyond sports videography.

He took an internship with The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, where he began producing video material with the intention of encouraging visitors to visit the town of Medora.

During the middle of his junior year of college, he became a member of the Kansas City Royals’ Video Content team and began working as a Video Content Trainee by joining the organization.

It was because of the chance he had with the Royals that he was able to work with some of the most talented video producers in the sports industry and get knowledge straight from them.

Since he joined the Royals, his filming and editing have been pushed and challenged, and this has only helped me build his abilities and learn new things to better his trade. I am grateful for this opportunity.

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