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Incidente Padova; Renso Valentina Verona, Italy, died from car accident injuries on May 13

Renso Valentina of Verona, Italy, has passed away from the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, the she died at 11:00, Monday, morning, at 6:00 the medical examiner pronounced her brain dead.

On Saturday, May 11, at around 8.40 p.m., firemen responded to the area of Via della Croce, which is located in the municipality of Cervarese Santa Croce, in order to rescue three young people who had become disabled while driving an off-road vehicle.

After initially ensuring the safety of the vehicle, the firemen, who had arrived from Abano Terme, attempted to free three individuals who were trapped within the passenger compartment of the BMW.

These individuals included two ladies and a male. The accident took place on a section of Via della Croce that was completely straight, and it took place on the boundary between the towns of Cervarese and Teolo.

An uncertain prognosis has been given to both the girl who was driving and the youngster, but luckily, neither of their lives are in jeopardy. The city of Padua is the hometown of both the driver and the passenger.

As for the other passenger, the girl who was sitting behind her when the car went off the road, she had some minor injuries and was sent to the Abano emergency department for treatment right away. Shortly after that, she was released from the hospital.

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