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John Dant Louisville, KY Death: Owner of The Back Door Bar and Grill has died

John dant owner of the back door bar and grill has passed away suddenly. As at the time of this publication the cause of his death has not been disclosed. Investigations and adequate research is ongoing to this effect. The Back Door maybe closing its doors, effective immediately, after 39 incredible years.

The family and loved ones of the departed will be grateful to each and every one of you for all the support you will be giving them during this period of grieve. The back door community are proud of the diverse and close-knit community we have established throughout that period.

John was the backbone that kept the Back Door together, as nearly all of you are aware. He was a skilled (and self-taught) business entrepreneur, the ideal middleman, and an amazing listener.

The Back Door Community will do their best to pick up the pieces and continue the business after his sudden death in October of last year, but not all aspirations come true. We were able to remain open for as long as we did because of you wonderful people, and we will always be grateful for that.

Going forward, they hope you will cherish your wonderful memories and tell those you love about them. Maintaining this tradition over even the last few months has been incredible.

About The Back Door

The Back Door Bar & Grille is situated in the centre of Louisville’s charming Highlands neighbourhood on Bardstown Road, close to the Mid City Mall. The A&P Grocery adjacent used our 5,000 square foot lounge as a warehouse and storage facility. The patio space where patrons now congregate was once the store’s loading and unloading dock.

The Back Door is known for being one of Louisville’s friendliest pubs, a reputation that the owners and staff take great pride in. In a laid-back setting, regular patrons, newcomers, and guests from out of town may unwind and socialize.

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