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Video shows moments 2 suspects shot up a Northeast Side home in San Antonio

One victim was possibly exchanging text messages with one of the gunmen, leading up to the shooting.

A tragedy unfolded in a San Antonio neighborhood on Wednesday when a 4-year-old girl, along with four others inside a Texas home, fell victim to a potential targeted shooting.

The incident occurred in the 6700 block of Windsor Hollow Drive. Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar revealed that following the shooting, all five individuals inside the residence were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Among them, three were children – aged 4, 7, and 8. Sadly, the 4-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries, marking the youngest casualty.

Additionally, two adults are currently in critical condition as a result of the shooting.

Officials have unveiled footage depicting a grey vehicle arriving, followed by two men sprinting toward the residence. Despite a man standing mere feet away on the porch, the assailants unleash gunfire.

Sheriff Salazar disclosed that long rifles were the weapons employed, estimating that they fired 20-25 rounds.

He remarked that the onslaught was so intense that the front door resembled Swiss cheese, riddled with bullet holes.

At this point, I’m working on the premise that whoever shot the house knew that there were kids inside and I’ll be honest with you, this case could go if God forbid that child would come to pass or one of those children should pass away that the charge is easily going to be upgraded to capital murder, said Salazar before the 4-year-old died.

According to deputies, one of the individuals wounded may have been in communication via text messages with one of the assailants prior to the incident.

As of Thursday morning, both perpetrators were still at large, with no available description provided.

Authorities urged the public to come forward with any information regarding the shooting by contacting 210-335-6000.

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