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José Ramón Plascencia and his 3 stepchildren found deceased in possible murder-suicide at Lucky Shoals Park in Gwinnett County

Police said the mother agreed to let her three children go with the man to grab a bite to eat while she stayed there with their child.

José Ramón Plascencia, aged 47 from the Villa Liberación de La Otra Banda sector southwest of Santiago, tragically took the lives of his underage stepchildren, identified as Arianny Rodriguez (13 years old), Chadal Rodriguez (11 years old), and Carlos Rodriguez (9 years old).

Felicia Canela, Plascencia’s sister, mentioned that her relative had psychological and health issues.

Karina Rodriguez, the mother and the suspected shooter are parents to the same child who was at the hospital. He is not the father of the three victims and was not in a current relationship with the mother.

The suspect met with the victim’s mother, her three children, and the child they shared together at a local hospital.

After some time, the mother agreed to let the three children go with the suspect to grab a bite to eat while she remained at the hospital.

Original Report:

Gwinnett Police are at the scene of a possible murder-suicide involving one adult and three children.

Shortly after 1:00am, an officer assigned to the West Precinct was doing an area check at Lucky Shoals Park (4651 Britt Road, Tucker) when he found a suspicious vehicle parked upon a pedestrian trail. The officer called out to the occupants but got no response. He approached the 4-door passenger car and found the bodies of four individuals inside.

The driver appears to be an adult male. The children appear to be elementary and middle school-aged. Two are girls, and one is a boy.

At this time, detectives are investigating this case as a possible murder-suicide, but final determination will be made by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Detectives from the Homicide Unit and Crime Scene Unit are processing the scene.

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