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The CityPlace Doral security guard shooter has been identified

The suspect in Saturday’s shooting death of a security officer at a club in CityPlace Doral has been named by authorities. Jamal Wayne Wood, 37, of Miami-Dade County, allegedly shot and killed George Alejandro Castellanos, 23, at the Martini Bar on Northwest 83rd Avenue.

An altercation had broken out in the bar, and a security guard by the name of Castellanos had intervened, according to the authorities. Authorities say that two unnamed Doral police officers who had responded to the scene got into a gunfight, which resulted in Wood’s death. One officer is now in stable condition after suffering a leg injury.

Multiple onlookers were injured in the shooting, as reported by the authorities. They were identified as Frank Miguel Jerez (34 years old), Yaniris Jerez (30 years old), Carlos Milan (38 years old), Sonia Munoz Torres (48 years old), Gerard Patrick Delaney (57 years old), and Lester Williams Gonzalez (28 years old).

One patient was transferred to a neighboring hospital in critical condition, however the majority of patients were said to be in stable condition. According to Castellanos’s mother, who spoke with NBC6, her son was set to graduate next month from Florida International University. Additionally, he had a daughter who was two years old. “We are in utter shock at the moment,” Jeanina Castellanos added.

Milan and Yaniris Jerez, as well as Yaniris’s brother Frank Miguel, are named as victims on a GoFundMe website. Milan was the most severely hurt because of his four strikes. Rapid action was taken by Doral authorities in response to the incident. Police head head Edwin Lopez characterized it as “an extremely disappointing day in our community.” Next week, Doral’s mayor, Christi Fraga, has called a special meeting to discuss the nightlife district’s potential future. The CityPlace Doral expressed their “deepest sympathies” to all those impacted.

“The safety of our guests is always our top priority, and we have put a number of additional security measures in place.” After today’s unfortunate incident at their facility left a dedicated security officer dead and several others injured, the proprietors of the Martini Bar issued a statement expressing their profound regret.

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