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Elliott Dugan Los Angeles arrested in stolen Lamborghini fleeing from officers

Officers of the West Valley Division Patrol were traveling west in the 18500 block of Sherman Way at approximately 4:58 a.m. on April 6, 2024. They approached the intersection of Sherman Way and Reseda Boulevard and stopped alongside a red-traffic-halted gray 2019 Lamborghini Huracán when they arrived.

As soon as the officers noticed the driver dozing off, they adjusted the position of their patrol vehicle to trail the Lamborghini. As soon as the traffic signal turned green, the officers proceeded to stop the Lamborghini by activating the emergency lights and siren of their police vehicle. In support of the traffic halt, an additional Patrol unit that was passing through the area also came to its aid.

Elliott Dugan, 51, was ascertained to be the driver of the Lamborghini. One of the officers returned to his patrol vehicle following the interrogation of Dugan. Thereafter, he performed a want/warrant check on Dugan and a vehicle query on the Lamborghini. Dugan was wanted on multiple felony warrants, and the Lamborghini had reportedly been reported stolen, according to the inquiries. When the officer returned to speak with Dugan, he attempted to have him depart the vehicle on multiple occasions.

However, Dugan disobeyed the officers and fled the scene at a high rate of speed after several minutes had passed. The officers reinstated their police vehicle, engaged the emergency lights and siren, and commenced a pursuit of the suspects in their vehicle.

Dugan lost control of the Lamborghini shortly after the vehicle pursuit was initiated, and as it approached the median at a high rate of speed, it collided with the center median and multiple trees situated along the median.

As a result of the collision’s impact, Dugan was expelled from the vehicle. After conducting a search for Dugan, it was determined that he was situated on an adjacent sidewalk, several hundred feet away. Paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department who arrived at the location declared Dugan to be deceased.

The collision force resulted in the division of the Lamborghini into two primary sections. Numerous vehicles parked along Sherman Way were also impaired by the aftermath of the collision detritus.

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