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Shakeia Allen Obituary: Identity revealed in deadly Parkville shooting

Shakeia Allen Obituary :

The shooting came in a Parkville apartment complex in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, and after the shots rang out, the gunman didn’t appear to be in a hurry to make his getaway.

“I saw a guy walking very casually with a gun in his hand,” a woman told us whose identity we are concealing for her protection.

By the time police responded, the damage had been done.“When officers arrived, they located a female suffering from apparent gunshot wounds in the parking lot of the establishment,” Baltimore County Police Det. Anthony Shelton told us at the scene, “The victim was pronounced deceased here on scene.”

In the initial stages of the investigation, police said they didn’t feel there was anything random about the shooting. They believed that the victim had been targeted.

Police have now identified the victim as 27-year-old Shakeia Allen, and court records suggest that in recent months, police had been to her former home on Bayberry Road for multiple domestic disturbances. In late February, police responded to a report that her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her while she was trying to move her things out of the home.

When they arrested him the next day, he surrendered a handgun that he had holstered inside his waistband.

While police still haven’t named a suspect in her murder, just last week, a hearing for a protective order involving both parties was dismissed when they failed to appear in court.

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