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Joey White Obituary, Father pleading for justice for hit-and-run driver to turn themselves in

Joey White Obituary 

A father from North Carolina expressed his disbelief at having to bury two of his sons in his own backyard. Bobby White stated that he never imagined he would have to endure such a tragedy in his lifetime. The first son, Scott, passed away last December due to poor decisions.

Just three months later, on March 9, his 44-year-old son Joey White was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Pender County. Joey was riding his moped on Highway 421 near Black River Club Road in Rocky Point when he was struck from behind by a driver of a dual-tire vehicle who then fled the scene.

The authorities determined that Joey succumbed to severe head and neck injuries. Bobby White expressed his anguish, comparing the treatment of his son to that of an injured animal left to die.

The State Highway Patrol investigators have been unable to locate the driver responsible for the incident, prompting Bobby White to appeal to the community for assistance.

He hopes that the driver will come forward, take responsibility, and provide some closure for the grieving family. Bobby White described Joey as a beloved individual with a laid-back personality, and his absence is deeply felt by many.

The grieving father expressed his longing for just one more day with his son and emphasized the importance of cherishing and spending time with loved ones.

The investigation into the hit-and-run case is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact the State Highway Patrol at 910-296-1311.

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