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Jamar’e James Obituary: 13-year-old victim of May Day shooting shares their story.

Jamar’e James Obituary- FOX10 News conducted an exclusive interview with the youngest victim of the tragic shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night in Stockton.

During the May Day event, a mass shooting resulted in injuries to 18 individuals, with three of them losing their lives. Family members have identified two of the deceased victims as 24-year-old Christian Bradley and 37-year-old Chiquita Ewing.

The youngest victim, 13-year-old Jamar’e James, along with his mother, are recounting the harrowing events that unfolded. While Jamar’e is physically recovering, the emotional toll on both him and his mother is evident.

He was discharged from the hospital on Monday.

A witness to the mass shooting described the chaotic scene as people fled from the gunfire. Jamar’e expressed gratitude that the bullet missed a major artery, but his mother, Jasmine Williams, is understandably upset and seeks justice for the perpetrator.

Jamar’e recalled the moment when the shooting began, causing panic and confusion among the attendees.

His mother frantically searched for him until a girl informed her that he had been shot. Jamar’e recounted how he was trampled as people ran past him, ignoring his pleas for help.

Despite the chaos, his mother managed to rush him to North Baldwin Infirmary Hospital for treatment.

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