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Arthur L. Irving Obituary: Arthur Irving, Canadian oil magnate who expanded family business, passes away at 93.

Arthur L. Irving Obituary – Arthur L. Irving, a prominent figure in Canada and the son of industrialist K.C. Irving, passed away at the age of 93. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to expanding the oil business that his father had established. Irving Oil released a statement confirming that Arthur Irving passed away on Monday, with his wife Sandra and daughter Sarah by his side.

In 2023, Forbes Magazine recognized Arthur Irving as one of the wealthiest individuals in Canada, ranking him among the top 10. At the time of his death, his estimated net worth was US$6.4 billion, which included ownership of Canada’s largest refinery located in New Brunswick, as well as the Whitegate refinery in Ireland.

Born in 1930, Irving attended Acadia University in Nova Scotia before joining Irving Oil in 1951. He had the opportunity to work alongside his father and two brothers, learning about the business firsthand.

In a 2020 book about Irving Oil, he expressed his decision to join the family business, stating, “I had the choice to continue my education at Acadia or learn about business from the best teacher available anywhere — my father. I chose the best teacher.”

Arthur Irving became the president of the company in 1972 and held the position of chairman emeritus until his passing. His death coincides with a “strategic review” of the company’s Saint John refinery, as the global focus on climate change prompts a shift away from fossil fuels in certain countries.

While Irving is recognized for his achievements in expanding the company, his personal life was not without challenges. He experienced family difficulties, including a contentious divorce in 1980 and a recent estrangement from his eldest son.

In the book “Irving vs. Irving” by journalist Jacques Poitras, published in 2014, a poignant moment is described from August 2013. During a news conference in Saint John, Arthur Irving announced his company’s official bid to construct a pipeline for transporting crude oil from Alberta to the family’s refinery.

However, his son and intended successor, Kenneth, was noticeably absent due to a falling out that led to his departure from the company in 2010. Despite being surrounded by admirers, Arthur stood alone at the conference, highlighting the complexities of his personal relationships.

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