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Vicky Renee Welch, Crystal Lynn Welch Obituary: Police identify victims of triple homicide in Ridgeland

Vicky Renee Welch, Crystal Lynn Welch Obituary – Police are currently conducting an investigation following the discovery of three deceased individuals in a Madison County residence over the weekend.

Ridgeland Police Chief Brian Myers reported that a call was received at approximately 3:30 p.m. regarding a triple homicide at a location on Old Canton Road. The victims have been identified as Ida Thomas Welch, aged 76, Vicky Renee Welch, aged 56, and Crystal Lynn Welch, aged 42.

The situation is still unfolding, and no arrests have been made in relation to the incident. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is collaborating with the Ridgeland Police Department to examine the case.

This occurrence in Ridgeland occurred shortly after an arrest was made by the Jackson Police Department in a separate triple homicide case.

Jimal Tarvin, aged 27, was apprehended by the Jackson Police Department’s Action Team on Friday for the deaths of Travis Burrell, Jamie Hoard, and Nicole Garrett. Additionally, Tarvin had an outstanding warrant for firing into an occupied vehicle

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