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Barrow County shooting: 22-year-old Bradley Messer fatally shot 58-year-old Jeffery Orr then turned the gun on himself

The Barrow County sheriff has requested the community’s prayers for a family following a suspected murder-suicide that resulted in the deaths of two individuals and left one person injured late Friday night.

“It’s truly a tragic situation,” Sheriff Jud Smith informed Channel3 NOW. “We’re striving to swiftly uncover the circumstances surrounding this incident.”

Sheriff Smith mentioned that the survivor of the shooting contacted 911 from a residence located off Highway 82.

Upon deputies’ arrival, they found the bodies of 22-year-old Bradley Messer and 58-year-old Jeffery Orr.

Smith informed Channel3 NOW that one of the deceased individuals appeared to have sustained a gunshot wound, while the other exhibited signs of a self-inflicted injury.

Subsequently, the sheriff’s office announced that they concluded Messer fatally shot Orr, injured the unnamed victim by shooting them in the arm, and then took his own life.

As the investigation progresses, Smith assured the community that there was no imminent danger as it seemed the incident was confined to a single residence.

“Let’s keep the family in our thoughts and prayers, and hope they find solace and comprehension in the days to come,” Smith remarked.

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