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Matthew Hensley Cold Justice Death; Los Angeles, CA producer died in March 2024

Matthew Hensley, a Line Producer, Production Controller and Production Consultant from Los Angeles, California, has passed away, the goal of Hensley was to contribute his expertise and experience to a team working in the creative business.

The company is searching for an individual who is both friendly and motivated, and who possesses good administrative, organizational, and accounting skills.

In addition to working with productions, he looked for a setting in which he might have the opportunity to flourish in the management of expenses and budgets.

The goal is to find solutions to problems and to make sure that both the creative and business aspects of operations run smoothly and successfully.

Jessica Johnston of Scottsdale, Arizona, wrote Dear Matthew – You were a beautiful soul, a blessing and didn’t have enough time on earth. You were the best of LA and our time there.

A bestie & brother to Steve. We were looking forward to future visits with you. And, I wanted to play the Top Chef elimination guessing game with you for the new season.

Something I was surprisingly good at (said Matt, a producer of the show). I can’t believe you’re gone. We are all so sad. You are now with the stars and will burn brighter than the rest. We love you.

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