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Khameryn Oliver, Paramus Catholic HS student died from car accident injuries

Student-athlete Khameryn Oliver, who was 17 years old and attended Paramus Catholic High School, passed away on Wednesday night, according to her grandma Karen Oliver. Khameryn Oliver had been in a coma ever since the five-car collision that occurred in Kearny on March 16 and resulted in the deaths of both her mother and father.

Oliver informed NorthJersey.com via text message that her granddaughter had passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained. In the past, Khameryn had been a member of the shuttle hurdles relay team for the Paramus Catholic indoor track team, which had qualified for a national track event.

She also had a natural talent for playing volleyball. Her family had begun a fundraising campaign for Khameryn, as they anticipated that she would require a significant amount of time to recover.

A five-car collision occurred on County Road 508 in Kearny, which is commonly referred to as Newark-Jersey City Turnpike. The family, which was regarded as charming by friends and coworkers, was participating in the collision. It is being looked at what caused the accident.

On March 16, it was determined that Rhakeem Oliver had committed suicide at the scene of the accident. An almost week later, Shavonn Stewart-Oliver, who had been serving as the vice principal of a school in Passaic, passed away. In the beginning, she was rescued from the wreckage, and she had been interrogated by the law enforcement agents in the week leading up to her passing.

In spite of the fact that the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office has not disclosed a great deal of information, an accident report that was received from the Kearny Police Department reveals that the collision occurred when a vehicle traveling in the east crossed the centerline and collided with a vehicle traveling in the west.

First, the car traveling west struck a third vehicle, which caused it to spin out of control. Next, it collided with Oliver’s vehicle, which caused it to flip over. Finally, it collided with a fourth vehicle traveling west.

In his statement, Gontarczuk mentioned that the section of road where the accident occurred is known to be particularly hazardous.

Despite the fact that it does not have a high number of accidents, Gontarczuk stated that the incidents that do take place there are frequently of a highly serious nature.

In reference to the four-lane county road that contains turning lanes at various intervals, he stated, “That section of the roadway requires a median and should be constructed.” According to him, a median could avert collisions between vehicles.

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