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Ohio State Graduation Death: Larissa Brady identified as woman who died following Ohio Stadium incident

The identity of the woman who died after falling to her death at the commencement ceremony held on Sunday at Ohio State University has been made public by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office.

Larissa Brady, who was 53 years old and from Georgia, was pronounced dead at the scene outside of Ohio Stadium at 12:25 p.m. by officials from the Columbus Fire Department. Brady’s fingerprints were used by the coroner’s office to determine her identity.

The original statement made by the coroner does not specify whether her death was the result of an accident or a deliberate act. In a statement that was sent out via email, Ohio State spokesperson Ben Johnson stated that the police do not believe any foul play or that the incident was an accidental fall.

According to the commencement program for the year 2024 at Ohio State University, Brady’s daughter was included on the list of graduates who were being honored with a bachelor’s degree on Sunday. However, Ohio State University and its police department have not disclosed much information regarding the death that took place during the commencement ceremony that took place on Sunday.

According to Johnson, who spoke with The Dispatch, the university reached out to all of the grads and staff members who had offered their services during the graduation ceremony in order to provide counseling services.

On Sunday, the commencement proceeded without interruption despite the fact that the word of the tragedy went across the gathering. There was no mention of the death made by university officials or commencement speakers throughout the ceremony.

Among those who spoke was Chris Pan, a social entrepreneur and a graduate of Oregon State University. As they were exiting the graduation ceremony that was held at the stadium, the students walked past the spot where Brady had fallen, which was still roped off by yellow colored crime scene tape.

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