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Isaiah Miller, Ikeam Rogers Obituary: Five people died during a high-speed pursuit.

Isaiah Miller, Ikeam Rogers Obituary :

State police confirmed that five individuals lost their lives in a single-vehicle accident on the Conchester Highway following a potential shoplifting incident in Concord Township. The tragic event unfolded at the Shoppes at Brinton Lake, where an unmarked police vehicle was stationed due to recent thefts in the area.

Upon observing a red Ford Taurus entering the parking lot with three to four occupants exiting the vehicle and approaching the stores, the trooper suspected one of them to be linked to a prior theft at the shopping center. Subsequently, as the trooper approached in the unmarked car, all occupants returned to the Taurus.

The vehicle then proceeded to Brinton Lake Road, where a traffic stop was initiated at Mill Road. However, the Taurus accelerated at a high speed, leading to a seven-mile chase along Route 322 lasting approximately five minutes.

During the pursuit, the Taurus attempted to overtake another vehicle using the right shoulder but lost control, veering across the road and colliding with a bridge embankment on the left side before catching fire. The car carried seven occupants, including six passengers and the driver.

Despite emergency medical services’ efforts to perform a C-Section on the pregnant passenger, the unborn child and the mother succumbed to their injuries.

The deceased individuals from Philadelphia were identified as Isaiah Miller, 20, the driver, Ikeam Rogers, 20, Kalyn Billups, 21, and Tyjana Motley, 17. Additionally, Kemore Williams, 18, Bishop Young, 20, and an unnamed 16-year-old female were hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening.

While the specific store under surveillance was not disclosed by the authorities, confidential sources suggested that it might have been Lululemon, a shop that has experienced multiple shoplifting incidents in recent months.

The sources also mentioned that speeds of up to 100 mph were reached during the pursuit.

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